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Monday, November 30th, 2009

To my excitement, the “service” light came on in the VW a few days ago, so here I am at my favorite dealership, enjoying some coffee and catching up on all my to-do’s.  I just hope the oil change lasts at least an hour so I can accomplish something!  I’m a bad, bad blogger, and I apologize for that, but I’ve come to the conclusion that my last post was so comprehensive, that I haven’t felt a pressing need to write.  That said, I’ve missed writing.  You’ll be happy to know (or you better be, at least!) that I’M BAAAAAACK!!

Well, kind of.  I wrote that first paragraph over a week ago, before all the excitement of Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, they finished the oil change much quicker than I had hoped.  Now here we are and it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Our holiday was wonderful, although we dearly missed our Georgia contingent.  We’re looking forward to a summer visit!!

Since I’ve last written, I received six vaccinations (I’m just missing the swine flu shot which isn’t yet available at my doctor’s office).  All went well save a minor reaction to the polio vaccine (an annoying rash on my hip near the vaccination site).  I took my last Acyclovir, so I’m not on any specifically transplant-related drugs anymore!  Woohoo!!!  That’s a big deal.  Right now, though, I think I need to be pumped up with some meds ’cause I have a very annoying cold.  I had a low-grade fever Friday night when everyone was here for shrimp, er, pasta night (we simply couldn’t have shrimp without you Georgia folks–not only because you bring it, but it just wouldn’t feel right).  Saturday, I laid around with a sore throat and stuffy nose, popping Tylenol every few hours.  Sunday morning, I woke up with a fever of 101.4, and I felt nauseous.  It was tough staying upstairs in bed while everyone else was enjoying their last hours together downstairs.  Ronnie and Kathy commented that I was like the godfather, because everyone kept coming upstairs to visit me.  hahaha  I did have quite a raspy voice… :)  I’m currently on a Z-pack, so cross your fingers that this crappy filled-up nose and sore throat will hit the road!

I made some progress on the job front.  I met with PR Rachel, and she was wonderful.  She thought that, given my background and interests, I might be perfect for PR.  Thoughts of a career constantly flutter through my brain, and I’m wondering if I might enjoy something in immigration, with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.  I found a few job descriptions that sound like PR for immigration.  I have three people I plan on contacting who may be able to give me more information about what a position in the immigration field is like.  If anyone has any suggestions, advice or possible contacts for an immigration career, let me know!

I came upon a sentence in “What Color Is Your Parachute” that I keep repeating:  “…a period of unemployment can absolutely change our lives”.  How true this is!  Given time to reflect upon your career choices, you might make some discoveries about yourself that ultimately present a new path to follow, and hopefully it is in a field you truly enjoy.  Once I kick this stupid cold, I plan on getting my butt in gear and making some job progress.  That will be the best Christmas present I can give myself.

I have lots of photos to share with you, but unfortunately many of them are on my camera which has been misplaced.  When I feel better, I’ll search harder, so hopefully you’ll see the Thanksgiving weekend photos soon!  I put some up on facebook before I lost the camera, so you can find some there.

I’m off to rest.  Jameson, Guinness and Indie are wonderful company, and they seem happy to rest inside with me on a rainy day.

Lots of love,


PS This is too funny…even you Obama-lovers should appreciate it!