What’s with the hula hoop?!

Just in case you don’t know the story of the hula hoop…Back in May, I went to my goddaughter’s baptism, and somehow the hula hoop made its way into the living room during lunch. My cousin’s house was full of friends and family, and we all watched as my cousin’s son (and my buddy) Ethan blew us away with his hula hooping skills. Soon everyone wanted to give it a go, to see if they still possessed the childhood skills required to keep it moving. Although some were more delayed than others in discovering the hip-hoop connection again, pretty much everyone was able to do it….except me. But we were all laughing hysterically the whole time.

Despite the fact that I had a wonderful time watching everyone else and laughing at myself, I was pissed that I couldn’t do it! I mean, I’m not especially gifted when it comes to coordination, but I think I can hula hoop!! When I got home, I went out to Target and bought a cool light blue hula hoop that lights up when you spin it around. Although Jameson and Guinness were none too thrilled with my new “sport”, I slowly improved. The next time I was in the grocery store, I spotted a basic pink hula hoop…”hmmm…four bucks isn’t bad for another hula hoop…what if someone wants to hula hoop with me?”, so I bought it. What I noticed most about the hula hooping was that it was absolutely impossible to hula hoop without smiling, and often times laughing out loud. I’m proud to tell you that I am now a much more skilled hula hooper, though definitely nowhere near all those hoopers who can do cool tricks. I’m still working on getting it to spin around my waist for a long amount of time.

My cousin, Jake, and I hooping (he has a much cooler stance than I do)

My cousin, Jake, and I hooping (he has a much cooler stance than I do)

When I relapsed in June, I started thinking of what I needed to pack for my 3-4 weeks in the hospital for induction chemo. The hula hoop quickly sprung to mind because it seemed like a good symbol for what I was about to endure again…it keeps you laughing and it keeps you moving, two important activities to remember when dealing with such challenging circumstances.

Little did I know that “hooping”, as the in-crowd refers to it, is popular again! They offer classes in it (which I think I’ll take when this is all over), and they have hoop gurus, people who do tricks with them…there’s even something called “fire hooping”—-yup, the hoop has several wicks on it which are lit, can you believe it?!! Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulyfKebmTes Um, yah…I think Laura’s right. I have a ways to go before trying that one out!! Can’t you just picture it on the news….”local girl dies while playing with a fire hula hoop…after surviving cancer twice!!!!” Yah, I’ll be steering clear of all that craziness.

I’ve been looking for hula hoops out here, and we haven’t found one yet, but we did find one on-line we might order. Even when I’m not well enough to play with it, it’ll be a symbol of happiness and fun leaning right up against my wall…a reminder of everything wonderful that awaits me once all this crap is over, and I’m back to my normal healthy self (only with Laura’s bone marrow).

If you’re looking for a laugh or just a little exercise, pick yourself up a hoop, and you’ll find yourself doing both (no, I’m not advertising for any hula hoop company…I just believe in them! :) )! Let loose, have fun and be as silly as possible. Who cares what the neighbors think? Maybe you can get your whole block involved and have a hula hooping block party!! :)