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Written by JKM on November 26th, 2008

Hi there! Here I am with my Prednisone being all kinds of efficient over here in Seattle. :) Although they did tell me today that they are starting to wean me off the Prednisone…I had no idea it took so long! I’m on 60 mg now, and it will take until mid-January to taper the medicine. But think good thoughts….no more GVHD, no more steroids, no more nothin’! :) Just boring days…that hopefully I’ll be able to fill with fun once my counts really come up!!

I’ve gotten a little further in the shaving area—little by little! I no longer have a unibrow, and I’m just taking it day by day…gradually my face looks a little more familiar to me. :) Next week I plan on asking whether I can start using my eye creams and makeup!! WOOHOO!!!! Isn’t that exciting? The thought of makeup makes me feel great! Just a little pick-me-up to help my self-esteem, you know.

In verrrry good and much more interesting news, I got the cytogenetics results from my last bone marrow, and there are no abnormalities!!!!!! Well, actually, the nurse explained to my mom that when I read the paper, I would see something about a gene abnormality, specifically: “One cell contained a translocation between the long arm of chromosome X and 2. Fifteen additional cells were screened for this abnormality but it was not observed again. A single-cell abnormality is not considered clonal in nature and may represent either a cultural artifact or a covert clone. It will be followed in future studies.” My nurse knows how I notice all the details, and she and the doctors wanted me to know that it basically meant nothing. The results are good and my health looks great!!!! In another part of that same paper, it referred to my translocation of 7;21 (chromosomes 7 and 21), the translocation I had with both diagnoses, a very rare one, as I’ve written previously on the blog. Regarding that, it said “THE ABNORMALITIES REPORTED PREVIOUSLY (SEE RELATED CYTOGENETICS) WERE NOT OBSERVED”. Well, woohoo for that! It also said something about the cells wearing little pink hula hoops around them?! Weird…who knew? :) Oh, and it’s always a relief to read the whole “normal female karyotype”…..hahahahaha I mean, I guess you had to be wondering, what with the hair growth and all!!!! hahahaha

Now, let’s review my blood numbers (what the heck, just for some holiday fun!!!). My counts are very high for me right now (but not for the average person), but they are most likely raised at this moment because of the Prednisone. As I wrote earlier, even though the counts are higher, my risk for infection is actually increased. OK, now you’re all set to read about my counts! Here we go!

White Blood Count: 5.16

Hemoglobin: 10.5

Hematocrit: 31%

Platelets: 103,000

Neutrophils: 4.18

And there you have it!! So I will continue to try and stay away from sickos (like Laura :) ) hahaha Laura seems to be feeling a little better, and we’re hoping she can come home (back here to the Pete Gross House) tomorrow or Thursday…be thinking good thoughts!

And one more thought for the road. Today, my nurse said she wished she could clone me ’cause I am THAT cool! hahaha OK, she just meant as a patient because I come with a list of questions and I’m very thorough, and I want to understand what’s going on. I guess, basically, I want to be involved and since ‘05, I learned the importance of being your own advocate. To be honest, I’ve had such wonderful care, it does not seem like I’ve had an incredible amount to advocate for, but nonethelesss I was flattered that she thought I’d be a good person to clone!!!! :) (I mean, of course, I knew that already, but it’s always nice to hear!). :)

Enjoy the Christmas pictures below, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Only one and a half days left!

Love from Seattle,


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  1. Nov
    Laura (AKA the donor)

    Nice to know you & Mom are out and about, hitting the town & and “lunching at yummy Italian places” while your poor sister (who saved your life) ;) is stuck in this damn hotel room still!!! ;)

    Another great post. I was wondering, is there a way to print all your posts (since entry #1, from your original blog)? It’d be cool if you could print it to include all the photos, etc. and then have it bound together. Definitely something to treasure and leaf through years from now when you’re looking back on challenges you’ve overcome. I bet Katie could find some online company that might be able to print it on quality paper & then bind it. You could even make a cover for it & come up with some kind of clever title. Anyway…just a thought.

    Hope to see you tomorrow, if not, then definitely by Turkey Day! Miss you, and Momma M.

    Love you both, Laura

  2. Nov

    Happy thanksgiving from sunny Florida a warm 76

    You will be home soon.

    Im glad to hear you are doing great.


  3. Nov

    Happy Thanksgiving, Matthews Family! :)

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