A Day at Wolf Haven International

Written by JKM on January 5th, 2009

Hello from some sleepy “Seattleites”! Guess what?! It’s snowing!! It looks beautiful out there, and I know my dad’s enjoying it!! He’s half watching “Frasier”, half staring outside at the snow. Laura leaves tonight, so hopefully there’s no problem with her flight. I’m going to miss her, but again, I know I’ll be home in two weeks. We had a wonderful couple of weeks, and yesterday we were able to go to Wolf Haven, which was my original idea of an activity to do on her birthday (but they were closed due to snow—they had 18 inches up there).

I included a huge number of pictures of the wolves (some taken by yours truly, some by my dad and some by Laura)…don’t be overwhelmed, but there are some great pics in there!!! On our way there, we stopped by “Tully’s” to pick up some coffee (Seattle has taught us that it is better to travel with coffee than without), we passed both Tacoma and Olympia, and we ended up in Tenino, WA.

It was an amazing morning. Apparently the wolves hadn’t seen many people because Wolf Haven was closed to the public for a couple weeks due to the weather, and they came right up to the front of the enclosures to greet us. We even got to hear them howl!!! Pretty cool, huh? We also saw them eat. I even adopted a wolf (well, technically, my mom adopted her for me). Her name is Ladyhawk…here, check her out: http://www.wolfhaven.org/our_wolves/ladyhawk.php — what a cutie, huh? She reminded me of Jameson, wanting to play all the time, and loving the attention of all of us on the tour (when I say “all of us”, there were only two families, including ours, that braved the snow to be there!!).

It was pretty crazy, because when we got home, there was a message on our machine from someone trying to reach a man who breeds wolf mixes. He bought a pup from him years ago, and he’s interested in getting another one….what are the chances he would accidentally call our number and leave that message on a day that we spent watching wolves?!! Weird, huh?

Today was a good day too. I woke up late, ate some breakfast (still enjoying your blueberry muffins, Katie!), and my dad, Laura and I went to Greenlake Park with Hollie and Kona. It started snowing halfway around the lake, and it was definitely cold, but it was good to be out. Halfway around, we got some hot chocolate from a stand…never has hot chocolate tasted so good! It was almost three miles around, so it was good exercise, although I admit, I’m pretty sore now…my whole body feels a bit bruised, and I think it’s probably from the steroids because they can make your joints sore. I also have a headache, and I’m not sure if it’s from having a low blood count or the medications.

Anyhoooo, all in all I’m good. I’m feeling more tired, so I’m worried about going back to that fatigue feeling I had before the steroids…remember, the magnet feeling? I’m not that tired yet, but I’m just worried, I guess. I don’t want to feel that tired again. I took naps both yesterday and today, which I haven’t done in a while.

I’m not too worried about it, just disappointed in having a lower energy level. I meet with my team on Tuesday, and I’ll be able to ask all the questions I want.

OK, I’m off! Laura’s getting ready to leave soon.

Hope everyone is doing well!!



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  1. Jan

    I just love those wolf photos! You didn’t tell me before about that voicemail at the apartment–that is so crazy! You should call him back and say “Wrong number, but so funny you called…” :)

    I wish I had been there when it was snowing!

  2. Jan
    Norma Tuminaro

    Happy New Year to the Matthew’s Family. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Thanks for all those great photo’s especially that white wolf that looks like Bayla. We all miss you …you too Carol and can’t wait until you are all back in Virginia.
    See you all soon!!!!

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