Here I am again!!

Written by JKM on January 20th, 2009

Hi there!

Everyone excited about the Inauguration?  Katie and I watched “We Are One, the Obama Inaugural Celebration” concert on TV and it was wonderful!  Did anyone go?  Talk about filled with celebrities!  Katie and I especially liked Bettye Lavette.  I’d never heard her before, but she had a beautiful voice, and she and Jon Bon Jovi did a wonderful job.  Check it out if you missed it: .  On one hand, I’m jealous of everyone who is going downtown to enjoy these historic moments, but on the other hand, I imagine the crowds, the lack of bathrooms, and of course, the germs that come with a huge crowd, and I realize watching it at home will have to do!  But, Katie, I am jealous that you will actually be a part of it…I hope you have a wonderful time!

I was watching some of the coverage from the mall today, and they mentioned that they were planning a MLK memorial for DC!  This is my first time hearing anything like that, and to tell you the truth, I thought we already had a memorial for him!  I know, it’s embarrassing that I’m so close to DC, and I can’t remember all our memorials.  I definitely have to tour my own city more!  Anyway, it should be finished next year…check out the design: Apparently you can donate on-line if you want to help them raise the necessary amount of money.  I am surprised they don’t have a memorial for him already.

This has nothing to do with MLK or Obama, but that’s how my mind works. (chemo/bone marrow brain, remember?)…Coke tastes good to me again!  I used to treat myself to one a day, so now I can enjoy myself again!  I know, it’s probably not a good thing, but there’s just something about a nice cold Coke, not Pepsi mind you, but Coke.  I’m actually watching “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” right now (on the Food Network), and I think my cholesterol and triglycerides are going up as I type, just by watching!!!  :)  Some of it looks good, some of this I can’t believe people actually eat!!

I’m still trying to work on understanding Facebook, but it seems like fun!  It seems like a lot of work, but I love looking at everyone’s pictures, and reading about what they’ve been doing, especially if Idon’t get to talk or see them very much. But again, I think I’m more of a blogger at heart.  :)

I’m sitting here now listening to “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” over and over again.  Remember way back when, I mentioned that the US Army Chorus, “Pershing’s Own”, came to my dad’s church and someone sang that hymn (my very favorite) a capella?  I could never find out who it was and how to get a copy of it, but again, resourceful Rachel (that’s a good nickname for you, Rach!!) surprised me with a CD that had him (Colin Eaton - ) singing it!!  It still makes me cry!  Music can often touch me so deeply, that I’ll get teary, especially if it’s a patriotic or religious song, but I was almost to the point of sobbing when he sang it…in a good way!  It’s hard to explain.)  It just moved me.  I know I had just finished treatment with leukemia the first go-round, and I thought more about death than I ever had before…not in a weird way, but I just told myself that it could happen sooner than I wanted, that it was not  in my control.  The song makes death sound peaceful, and when he sang it, you couldn’t help but be transfixed by the beauty of both the song and his voice.  Thanks, Rachel, for doing the research to find it, and for being so thoughtful.  I was really touched by it.  I admit though, I just listened to it about 15 times while I wrote, but I thought I should switch it up and listen to something that makes me laugh now so I can sleep well…so it’s on to some Irish music, a little Tommy Makem!  Now I’m swaying and I feel like getting up and doin’ some dancing.  Again, I can’t wait to go out to “Murphy’s” in Old Town for some cider and some singing!  Mostly though, I can’t wait to actually go to Ireland!!!!!!!  I pull that guidebook out when I think of it, and I have several things marked in there that I want to see and do.  It always cheers me up if I’m feeling a little down about being relatively isolated for many more months.

I just realized that I forgot to take my Cyclosporin this morning.  I’m not completely unpacked, and I am just generally disorganized.  You know, I think part of it is that in Seattle, my mom and I had our own space, and it was our little world while we were out there.  We were completely focused on my getting well and keeping up with all the paperwork, pills, etc.  Now, I’m adjusting to eastern time (I still go to bed around 2 AM, and lately I’ve been waking up at 2 in the afternoon!!!).  Being in the comforts of home makes it too easy to find something else to do.  Plus, I’ve basically stayed in the house since we got home Thursday, and I’m already feeling some cabin fever.  It’s time I get my butt moving and get out there and walk.  I’ve been lazy, and have eaten a lot of cereal for my meals (although Katie made a delicious fettuccine alfredo tonight, and my dad and mom cooked some yummy dinners too!)….so I guess it’s just for my breakfast and lunch…”Frosted Mini-Wheats”.  :)

Little by little, I’ll organize myself, and that will make me feel much happier.  Plus, a trek outside will help too.  Being outside always helps.  By the way, the deer come to visit every day, so I figure they’re just welcoming me home!  Plus, Bella has been coming up to me for back rubs, so I think she’s secretly happy we’re home.  I’ve always thought about writing a children’s book based on her.  I would call it “Loving Bella”, to try and teach children that even if you don’t always get a lot of love back from someone or something, it’s better to keep on giving and loving; you can indeed change their lives for the better, and they will enrich yours more than you realize (I wouldn’t just say that…it would be implied, of course).  Hasn’t everyone had someone they just wanted to give up on (and I’m not talking about exes :))—you know, someone in your class when you were younger or someone who just randomly crosses your path?  You know it would be easier to just walk away rather than give of yourself, knowing you wouldn’t get much in return from them.  Anywayyyyyyy, too much description!!  I would write something similar to that, but it would center around Bella and her difficult life as a stray, and how she changed when we provided her with food, water, and shelter…once she realized we wouldn’t hurt her.  She’s still not super-lovey-dovey, but that doesn’t change my love for her!

OK, I’m just blabbing on.  I have a couple more children’s book ideas, but I don’t think I’ll get into them right now!!  Aren’t you relieved?  I’m really just going on and on about nothing tonight, aren’t I?  Sorry folks, but writing helps me, which explains all my long posts on here.  :)

All right, well, I’m just sitting here with some hot cocoa, listening to Tommy and watching the Food Channel on mute (I am such a multitasker!).   The fire’s died down, but it’s still nice and warm in here.  I think I’m going to pop in a DVD of the “Golden Girls” and get some more laughs before heading to bed.  I can’t sleep in tomorrow—have to watch President-elect Obama at the Inauguration.  Even though I didn’t vote this year, I’m really excited about tomorrow and the years to come.  I know, I should have voted with an absentee ballot.  You know what?  I did go through the trouble of getting one (like it’s really hard :) ), and when it came, I was exhausted and I hadn’t made my decision, so my mom gave me the go-ahead to just throw the ballot away.  It was just too much at the time.  I didn’t do much research on either candidate, so I figured I wasn’t qualified to make an informed decision.

Anyhoo, I’m off to watch the “Golden Girls”!  Enjoy Inauguration Day!!!!!!  I’m ready to be inspired, aren’t you?

Enjoy the few photos I’ve added.

Lots of love from VA,


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  1. Jan
    Laura (AKA the donor) ;)

    First off, let me just say, THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF ENGLISH HILLS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Truly…it is absolutely overwhelming how much the neighborhood has done for the family to show their love & support.

    Secondly, this message goes out to Rachel: Rachel, you are freaking awesome! Julie & I were talking about how resourceful you are…you took care of the deadly tree branch as a “concerned citizen of…Burke, VA” ;) (LOVED that!), you did some research and found the song Julie was looking for. I wish it was easier to meet famous people, because if we could somehow get you to have an interview with someone like Jennifer Aniston, you’d be the perfect personal assistant! How do people even get those jobs, anyway??? Hmmmmmm…

    Love you, Julie! We’re happy you’re back!

  2. Jan

    Thanks, Lola :) I do sometimes wish I could be a personal asst for a living. Too bad there aren’t many Jennifer Aniston-types in the Northern VA area.

    I gotta say I’m kinda disappointed in the MLK memorial. I wish it were just a sculpture/statue of him standing behind the podium giving his famous speech, because that’s how I always think of him. I’m not really down with that rock business.

    Julie– I think you’d be a fantastic children’s book author! I say go for it!

  3. Jan

    I second Rachel’s comment about the children’s book—you’d be a great author and I LOVE the idea for Bella’s book! I can totally picture it. :)

    I am somewhat disappointed in the MLK statue too. When I picture him, I see something with light, maybe glass that reflects the sun or something? Not stone. Oh well, hopefully it will ROCK when it’s done! Haha, get it?!

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