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Written by JKM on October 13th, 2008

Hola! I’m not going to write much now, ’cause I’m pretty tired, but I’m doing OK. I just feel blah. I take anti-nausea pills before eating or taking my other pills, and I feel exhausted all the time. I was able to go on a walk yesterday and today, but I was still happy to see the couch each time we returned. I haven’t returned many phone calls, so don’t be offended!! Once I’m a little more energetic, I will do just that!

My mom and I were watching a movie that made me teary, so when it was over, I thought, “well, let’s not waste these tears” and I thought I’d do a little crying over my own situation, but I didn’t want to upset anyone. I know they’ll come again, and I will probably indulge myself then.

Now, don’t be thinking that I’m all down and depressed. I’m sad to be in this situation, and I feel a bit imprisoned here in the apartment, but I’m OK. The most annoying thing right now is the horrible metallic taste in my mouth. It ruins everything….I feel like I’m always thirsty, but there’s nothing that can quench that thirst….the only thing I’ve discovered that tastes half decent is chocolate milk…I can’t wait until I can eat and drink whatever I want to and actually taste it!!!!

Whew! Felt good to get that out!! Well, I’m ‘gonna get ready for bed. Laura and Tiso had a wonderful time celebrating their anniversary tonight, and she has beautiful pictures that she’ll be posting on the blog!

I hope you are all doing well!

Lots of love from Seattle

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  1. Oct

    I’m glad you felt better after writing. You’re handling it all so well.
    I hope the metallic taste goes away soon! Love you lots

  2. Oct
    karen caffray

    Dear Julie: I check your blog all the time and I am embarrassed that this is the first time I have written to you! You are truly amazing. I am sure your mom and dad are sooooo proud of you and the way you are dealing with all of this. (plus I know your Mom’s probably a pretty amazing caregiver:) My girls and I would like to send you a care package but I need your address. Please send it to me at

    Take care, and I hope you are feeling like eating soon!

    Love, Karen, John, Jordyn, Olivia and Natalie Caffray

  3. Oct
    Andrew Colletti

    Now that you are having the obligitory nausea and doing the “worship-the-porcelin-god” thing, this is your chance to use the Jack Nicholson line, “Somewhere, some lucky guy is having a heart attack…”

    Seriously you are looking really good for Day +7.

    BTW, have you realized that you have less (if any) cancer cells in your body right now than since the relapse?

  4. Oct
    ken from fla


    I thought of you today as I woke up in the am as it was a full moon was setting at 6 am Florida time.

    congregations on the new you .Stay strong as the road ahead will be full of vacations good times and sunsets.The hard part is over and soon you will bounce back like you never thought was possible.

    Please have someone let you’re new dog out daily ..

    sending lots of love and many sunsets from Florida

    Ken from florida

  5. Oct
    Don & Babs

    I have been checking you blog every few days. I pray for you and the family every day. We are so happy that things are going as they should.
    Love and Prayer
    Babs & Don

  6. Oct

    Just wanted to send you some virtual hugs…

  7. Oct

    Hope you are still doing well! Thinking about you lots. Sorry to see that it is raining out there in Seattle, but, no worries…it’s raining here too! Lots of good thoughts and hugs being sent your way.

  8. Oct

    Hey Chocolate Milk-drinking dahlin’! Keep crying unwasted tears! I have plenty of kleenx. I would do anything to trade that weather you are having for to 80 degrees here! =( Keep getting better Ju-ja-bee

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