A Day in the Life of Julie…

Written by laura on October 10th, 2008

Here’s what a typical day is like for Julie out here on the West Coast!…well, not “typical”, Julie was especially tired/not feeling well today.

After the popsickle, Julie ate a little mac & cheese and then took a shower.  (But I didn’t take any photos while she was showering, I thought that’d be a bit much!) ;)  Anyway, today she rested a lot and kinda took it easy.  She is beginning to feel pretty exhausted, but somehow maintains her awesome spirit! :)  We love you, Julie!  Love & warm thoughts from Seattle, Laura  

P.S. Also see the post below…I posted TWO posts today for Ms. Julie! :)

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  1. Oct

    That’s awesome Laura, I’m glad you did that–to give everyone an inside peek. :o)

  2. Oct
    Aunt El.lie

    I love the blanket–it looks soft and comfy–and I checked the temperature–you need it!!. Can’t wait for the vomiting to stop and for Julie to start enjoying again. We are with you every step of the way. Today Ryan is here and Jim and Ryan will have their birthday co-celebrated. We’ll be thinking of you–at least you’all can sing on key!!

  3. Oct

    that carol does it all!!

  4. Nov
    Don & Babs

    Enjoy reading your blog. We often think of you folks. Looking foward to seeing you walking the dogs back here in the Hills. The leaves are beautiful until they land on our drivway sure has kept me busy.Keep up the good work. The nose and eyes will soon back to fit the face. Will continue praying for you and the family.

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