Day 0…the countdown begins!

Written by JKM on October 7th, 2008

Well, hellllooo there everyone!!

You may now call me JuLaura. :) My radiation went well this morning, especially because I was able to bring in my own CD. Remember when I was in isolation and I wrote about my new favorite song by Joshua Radin? Well, when I got out of isolation, Laura and my mom surprised me with his CD, so I took it in today. Despite the mellow tunes, it helped pump me up for the day ahead.

After radiation, my mom and I had some lunch and went up to visit Laura who was getting some fluids. She looks much better today, although I don’t think she’s 100% yet. Her arm is pretty yucky looking where they infiltrated it, but she’s feeling much better in terms of a headache and nausea.

At 2 PM, I went in to my room for the big transplant!! I got some premeds (Tylenol and Benadryl), and pretty soon the cells arrived…it looked just like a bag of blood.

Everything went smoothly. I also got an iv of magnesium because my level was a little bit low. After we finished, I just walked out and we came home! Pretty cool, huh? It was quite an exciting day, and although I know I may have bad days ahead, I have a good feeling about Laura’s healthy cells. It should take about 18-21 days before her cells start to engraft, so keep those prayers up! My next bone marrow aspirate and biopsy is November 4th, so hopefully with lots of visualization, prayers and good cells, it will show some healthy happy Laura cells.

When we got back from the clinic, I had a snack, talked on the phone a bit, ate some spaghetti, and then I went for a walk with Hollie and Kona. Now I’m getting ready to rest and relax, but I wanted to let you all know I’m doing well, and I’m thinking good thoughts!! Thank you for all your thoughts and well wishes. I can feel ‘em!  Check out Laura’s post below for pictures from today!  Thanks for putting them up, Laura!

Lots of love,
Julie/Laura (I’m a mix now)

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  1. Oct
    Andrew Colletti


  2. Oct

    I agree w Andrew : :)

  3. Oct

    this post (and Laura’s pictures below) made my morning! So happy to read that everything went well. The prayers and thoughts continue back home! :)

  4. Oct
    Aunt Di, Bernie and Addie Bean

    Certainly from here too JuLaura and Laura! Feel good and think good thoughts.

  5. Oct

    Yay! I LOVE the photos!

  6. Oct
    Ian Blue Iggy

    Everyone at Blue Iguana is pulling for you guys from the bartenders to the customers everyone wishes you guys the best and a speedy recovery… furthermore, its kinda nice not having Tiso around :)

    Best wishes,


  7. Oct

    I shall call you Jul-RAH from now on. Christopher yelled extra prayers your way last night (he still thinks Laura is missing a bone somewhere, but that’s another issue) and wanted me to tell you that Jonathan is with him. I am glad things went well and was SO happy not to read “then they put on the depressing CD my cousin from Georgia made me and…”. Hurmph. Prayers and love coming your way, dear Jul-RAH and Laura! Dixie is still whistling for you!

  8. Oct
    Karen Beebe

    Glad to hear everything is going so well. I think since Laura’s cells were injected into you, you should inject her name into yours: JU-laur-IE (pronounced jewelry)!! I’ll be thinking of you next week at NIKE. Keep on keepin’ on so you can come home and train with us again. Hugs from Karen & Katie

  9. Oct

    You absolutely freaking amaze me!Todays post rocked! You go girl!

  10. Oct
    Veronica (Theresa's Mom)

    Andrew and I keep each other posted at work on your progress. We are keeping a close eye on you via your website. Thinking of you and sending many, many, many prayers you way. Hope Laura is feeling better. Both you and Laura are doing a great job with the website. The pictures are great and enjoy reading your updates.

  11. Oct
    Eileen Pizer

    Julie - you are quite a gal!! I am so thankful to see how well it looks like everything went! May God set His angels about you to continue to guide and protect you. Much love and prayers, Eileen

  12. Oct
    Laurie Brandt

    Hi, Julie ~ I hope you remember me as the human attached to Kota when we’d visited you at Inova Fairfax. I ran into a friend who shared your blog with me (B/C awareness day). I was delighted to be able to catch up on how you’ve been doing. I have never seen, nor will I ever forget, how loved a person you are ~ evidenced by hospital rooms transformed and guests lining up in the hallways. You have an amazing spirit that I was pleased to share time with. I will keep watch over your blog, and hold you close in prayer. You can just keep on keeping on!

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